250th anniversary of Captain Cook's first voyage to Australia - limited edition box set available 


Melbourne University Publishing has published  a very special limited edition box set to mark the 250th Anniversary of James Cook's first voyage to Australia and the Pacific in 1770/



Here, in one accessible volume, is Ray Parkin's highly acclaimed and multi-award winning study of Captain James Cook's Endeavour. This incomparable book is a unique account of a great journey - Endeavour's voyage up the east coast of Australia in 1770 - and a remarkable re-creation of the experience of being on board ship. Parkin draws on meticulous research to reveal what the Endeavour looked like, how it sailed, how it smelled, what daily life would have been like for those on board. 

A composite log of Endeavour's voyage-extracts from journals kept by those on board-is supplemented by an interpretive commentary and explanatory charts. H.M. Bark Endeavour is an absorbing book: discursive, erudite, at times poetic, full of wisdom, insight and information.



Ideal for:

  • Traveling back in time to meet Cook on the Endeavour 

  • Commemorate the 250th anniversary of Cook's first voyage to Australia 

  • Gifting to history buffs 

  • Education resource 


 The below discounts are available until end of May 2020 in Australia.

  • 2+ copies: 20% off rrp

  • 3+ copies: 25% off rrp

  • 5+ copies: 35% off rrp

Delivery is free to one address within Australia.



Box set rrp $200 The H.M Bark Endeavour Box Set includes Ray Parkin’s original detailed charts and drawings of Endeavour.


Standard updated edition rrp $100



To place an order, email Dominika at MUP: dominika.greinert@unimelb.edu.au

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